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Anger Management

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Anger.  Seething below the surface, sometimes erupting.  Sometimes damaging relationships.  Causing distance.  People you love not feeling safe.


We all understand, deeply, that we are not reacting the way we want.  Sudden outburts against people we love.  Irrational fears.  Not connecting or distancing.  Night Terrors. Connecting too fast or without regard to our own well-being.  Toxic relationships.  These are all things that are reactions to the pressures we barely acknowledge.

It's never the thing that is the thing.  It's never the Lego we step on that causes the outburst.  It's the three days prior that built up to the outburst.  It's the crowd we had to navigate. And it's the scent in the air that reminded us of that time.  And it's the song on the radio. And it's the helpless feeling we had.  And it's the frustration from being closed in and ineffective from traffic.  It's the BANG BANG BANG of the construction down the street for the last week.  It's all of this.  And then we step on the Lego.

We work on emotional awareness so that we deal with events and feelings as they arise.  We work on recognizing individual events and how we react emotionally to them so they don't stack up.  So we don't hurt our loved ones.  So we don't hurt ourselves.


Hypnotherapy is a powerful, effective tool that many have found useful in reclaiming their lives.  

Talk to me about how to get your life back.

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