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"I lived with neuropathy for decades.  I'd all but given up.  It ruled my life.  Things are so different now. So much better now! We made the pain fade away."    - Vince

What Can Hypnotherapy Do?

* Pain Management *  PTSD * Compulsive Behaviors Fears and Anxiety *

Pain Management

Chronic pain is miserable.  It takes your ability to function.  It drains you.  It makes ordinary tasks mountainous. 

Most of what we used to know about pain is wrong.  There is a brain-body connection where stress, anxiety, past emotional trauma, exhaustion, fear, and expectation all mix together to keep us caged, unable to break the cycle of pain.


Chronic pain is often invisible and most people simply don't understand its impact.  People simply cannot grasp the energy it takes just to get by.  They don't comprehend what a struggle it can be just to exist.

The countless doctor visits.  The medications with side-effects almost as bad as the disease.  The loneliness of suffering something people just can't grok.

Fibromyalgia, cancer, chronic back pain, arthritis, migraines, shingles, nerve damage- all of these create massive, debilitating pain.  Hypnosis has been scientifically proven to help alleviate chronic pain.  Hypnotherapy can be the key to managing the suffering associated with these and other diseases.

Imagine doing laundry and not being wiped out.  What would it be like to go to work and focus to your full potential?   Imagine the relief of simply not being in pain.  What would open up to your?  What could be possible?

Set up a free consultation to find out how hypnotherapy can help.

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