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Christmas and New Year Changes

During the holidays especially the nights can be long we often look at our lives with a critical eye. What a great time to make significant, lasting changes. Deciding to be happier, overcoming a loss, being done with a detrimental addiction- these and other positive life changes are possible. We all take time during the holiday season to reflect on how our lives are going. Hypnosis allows us to be successful in these major life alterations where other methods have failed.

Rewiring our subconscious for success is crucial for long-term success. All other therapies attempt to reprogram us indirectly. They appeal to our logic or emotions or give us either positive or negative conditioning that is supposed to help us alter our behavior. But the real secret is this- those are all indirect methods of reaching the subconscious!

Whether it is dealing with alcohol abuse through negative feedback or coaching for greater self esteem, each and every attempt to change us must eventually reach the subconscious in order to be successful.

Why not start there?

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