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Becoming a Hypnotherapist

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

"You are very sleeepy. You feel like giving Robert a raise in his allooooowance."

"Robert, what are you doing? I'm sleeping. I'll be hypnotized later." - conversation between Robert's mom and Robert (age 7)

I guess it's safe to say I've had an interest in hypnotism for a very long time.

Fast forward a few decades. It's 2010, I'm married to Cate Manzo, and she is having trouble with sleeping and she has a solution! "Just tell me a story. Use 'The Voice'." I ran out of story. I began improvising. The first story was how a Princess might feel relaxed, how a brave Princess could feel refreshed, and how the beloved Princess defeats the Evil Dragon Insomniax and frees Prince Sleepy from his prison. Pretty soon we were doing deliberate hypnosis together.

Years later, Cate has passed and I am remarried. Continued practice on friends and family. During a really emotional time at a Lindsey Stirling concert where Lindsey is talking about following her dream and the things she overcame, I lean over to my wife Dawnette: "It's time. I want to follow my dream. What do you think about helping people ... About helping MORE people .... through hypnosis ... like, professionally?" "What have you been waiting for?? Let's do this!"

Research, training, certification, practice, continuous support from Dawnette, guidance from a network of amazing professional hypnotherapists, more practice, and WHAMMO!- a licensed hypnotherapist opens New Direction Hypnosis in Snohomish, Washington!

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