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Immune Deficiency Foundation Conference!

IDF conference in Bellevue and I'm going! So excited to learn more. The basic definition is a chronic (lasting 6 months or more) state where the immune system is weaker than normal.

It includes over 250 disease such as Wiscott-Aldrich syndrom, SCID, DiGeorge syndrome, Atacia-telangectasia, chronic granulomatous disease, complement deficiency, and so many more.

Typically these conditions are difficult to diagnose and even harder to relieve. There are some things that help.

Sleep, exercise, stress management, proper diet, and anything that boosts the immune system are always helpful. Other treatments include stem cell therapy, growth factor therapy, IV immunoglobins, and gamma interferon therapy.

Part of the problem is ID gives infections that would otherwise bounce off a foothold, making treatment difficult because of the secondary infections. Good hygeine, avoiding exposure to contagious illnesses, and other steps that "regular" people handle with more or less nonchalance become critical and even life-saving.

For those things that are within the control of people suffering, hypnotherapy is a miracle. Sleep better, help with motivation, exercise, sleep, nutrional choices, stress, and sleep are all well within the realm of hypnotherapy. And once that energy and focus is taken away from basic and fundamental tasks or can be redirected to allow the body to take better care of itself.

Call us to set up an appointment. Let's get relief, yes?

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