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Pain Management Through Hypnosis

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

There's a study on chronic pain management through hypnosis I'm going to place here.

Short version is this: scientific trials through a variety of hospitals determined hypnosis IS AN EFFECTIVE MEANS TO HELP MANAGE CHRONIC PAIN! The study looked at long term chronic pain from cancer, fibromyalgia, lower back, migraines, and other maladies where other treatments are difficult, intrusive, or dangerous. Hypnosis was also shown to reduce the amount and frequency of needed pain management medication.

This study is such incredibly good news. The people suffering chronic pain goes years and bounce from doctor to doctor and never find relief. Pain impacts every aspect of their lives.

There's so many people in my life that suffer from chronic pain. I see how on light days they have energy and focus, they come alive! And I see how bad days are a nightmare for them and their loved ones must stand by helplessly. This is one of the major reasons why I started investigating hypnosis in the first place. Having scientific proof that hypnosis can help manage chronic pain is such a motivation.

This is such an important study that I am keeping a copy of the article here on this website for ease of reference.

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