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PTSD and Hypnotherapy

Always doing research, always trying to find ways to bring people relief and knowledge. The attached article is far and away the best piece I have found on how PTSD interacts with hypnosis. Inside are topics such as:

  • How Does Hypnosis Work?

  • How Does Hypnotherapy for PTSD Work?

  • How Can Hypnotherapy Help Someone With PTSD?

  • Example of Hypnosis for PTSD

  • Is Hypnotherapy Effective for PTSD?

  • How to Find a Hypnotherapist to Help You With PTSD

  • Pros & Cons of Hypnotherapy for PTSD

  • At-Home Hypnosis for PTSD

  • Additional Resources

  • Hypnosis for PTSD Infographics

For further information on how Hypnosis works with PTSD, please follow this link for one of the best written articles I have read: Hypnosis and PTSD by Chris Lemig

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