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Self-Hypnosis: Just Like the Gym

A daily practice of self-hypnosis helps create a sense of well being. We develop mental focus. We become more emotionally resilient. We create a stronger mental health baseline.

Imagine the first time you walked into a gym. Crazy machines, weird people in funky outfits doing strange things to themselves. No real clue on how to use the machines to help you. No plan. It can be so intimidating!

And then, six months down the road- You've either experimented on your own or had someone help you figure out what to do and how to do it. You've learned what each exercise is for and how to incorporate it into a routine. You know how hard to push and when to rest. You've learned the importance of logging your workouts. You've figured some things out. And when you see the new guy at the walk through the doors there might just be a smile and some gratitude for how far you have come.

Mental exercises behave the same exact way! We figure out what works for us and what we can leave behind. We gain mental resilience. Our base mental health rises so what used to put us down or knock us off center is now handled confidently and in line with our truest intent. And six months down the line it's hard to see the progress until we see someone else struggling like we did.

Consistent exercise- mental and physical- is crucial to getting better.

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