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Take Control

I had a friend once. Really! She's really smart. So I'm "borrowing" her wisdom.

My friend told me that yeah, there’s things out of my control and that’s ok. She asked, if I can’t control them why I was carrying them around? Did I like feeling powerless? So I set that bag of things I couldn’t control down.And then suddenly I saw it.And I got excited!I saw there were things I could set right.I could love my friends. I could do my duty. I could keep to a schedule. I could make my bed. I could take care of personal hygiene every day. I could plan my meals and drink water. I could put on pants. I could learn a new skill on youtube. I could put regular movement and exercise into my schedule. I could limit my news consumption to two specific times a day. I could choose what I spent time on! I felt better because as much as there were things I could let go there were so many more things I wanted to do that made life better.

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