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"Hypnosis with New Direction was awesome! They are highly skilled and confident. During our sessions I felt safe and secure and easily attained my goals."    - Tracy K.

It Is Time For Change

Hypnosis bypasses our conscious willpower and allows deep, dynamic changes to occur that will last the rest of our lives if we want them to.  When it comes to making lasting changes- moving past emotional trauma, overcoming chronic pain, and overcoming anxiety- hypnosis works.


New Direction Hypnosis is owned by a combat veteran and a licensed professional Hypnosis Service Provider in the Snohomish County area of Washington state. We help people make the changes they want.  Insight-based hypnotherapy discovers the root causes for quick, cost-effective, and powerful healing and self-discovery.


Challenges can seem overwhelming at times. We are here to help you through any obstacles you may face. Our goal is to help you understand yourself more deeply, create the positive change you want in your life, and allow you to experience the healing you need.

Moving beyond our past to find a new direction is our mission.


(714) 470-9959

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