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"PTSD was a waking nightmare.  I was so out of control.  It was like watching someone else, someone I hated.  I'm back to being me again.  I'm functional again.  I'm ME again."    - Mike

What Can Hypnotherapy Do?

* Pain Management *  PTSD * Compulsive Behaviors Fears and Anxiety *


"... combat veterans suffering from PTSD has proven that clinical hypnotherapy is effective as a method to help sufferers diminish their symptoms, and understand the root causes of how they feel; allowing each person to investigate their own memories and emotions, to get a greater understanding of the impact of incidents upon them." - By MYNDS UK Written by Sarah Yuen Gilliat RCH, GQHP, GHR Reg, CNHC Reg.

PTSD Relief Through Hypnosis

There is hope for those suffering with PTSD.  First Responders, Combat Veterans, Trauma Survivors of all kinds can benefit from hypnotherapy.  The things we have seen- and done- stay with us.  We have nightmares, over-the-top emotional responses that seemingly come from nowhere, suicidal thoughts.  Alcoholism and drug abuse are common coping mechanisms. It can be a major accomplishment just to keep moving, keep doing.  And the crazy thing is we don't FEEL sick.  We think it's just in our heads, that somehow if we were just stronger or smarter or whatever we could just "get over it" and move on, live a normal life.  We often don't see things starting to spiral and even when we do we don't always connect it with past trauma.


Removing the emotional impact of traumatic events and being able to live with them without having them drive us can mean the difference between life and death.  Regaining ourselves, regaining the joy in life, the ability to function without scaring our kids or making people give us the side-eye is possible.  Moving on is possible. We can get better.  We can heal.  There is hope.

Talk to us about how to get your life back.

For further information on how Hypnosis works with PTSD, please follow this link for one of the best written articles I have read:  Hypnosis and PTSD by Chris Lemig

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