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"I feel free.  Finally free.  I love my new life." - James

"Thank you, New Direction Hypnosis.  I got my life back!" - Maria

"... His professional methodology put me at ease and I felt completely safe in his hands. I highly recommend him to others, for I know his heart is in his work and I know others will have great results, as I have.... "    - Jason

"The pain is gone!  Really gone!" - Gary

"I've moved on.  I'm sleeping better, my confidence is higher, the people around me are commenting on how much bolder I've become."  - Haley

"I'm so excited to start this new chapter in my life."  Gina

"PTSD was crippling me.  Ruining my marriage, keeping me from living.  I've gotten so much better.  It's night and day.  Everything has turned around." - Mike

"My goal was to get past my fear.  I'm doing things now I never thought I could!  Thank you!" - Warren

"... I leave each session feeling so much better and motivated and confident. He is compassionate and insightful and professional. I always felt completely comfortable. He really seems to know exactly how to help people and I highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to move forward and transform their lives! ..."    - Kim

"I used to be so angry all the time.  I held my daughter and wasn't afraid anymore."  - Maisy

"I'm in control.  I never was before.  I am in control of my life, my emotions, my outlook... everything!  This feels amazing!" - Bob

"This has been the most transformative experience of my life." - David

"Hypnosis with New Direction was awesome! He is highly skilled and confident. During our sessions I felt safe and secure and easily attained my goals."    - Tracy

"Robert of New Direction Hypnosis was incredible. I highly recommend him for relaxation and anxiety. I feel so much better and have started really reaching outside myself now. Thank you Robert!"    - Dawnette

"Robert is mindful and really understands the issues one is going through. I highly recommend working with him!"   - Meggie

"My wife likes me again.  So that's a win.  A big win."  - Doug

"... Robert's a great change worker with really extensive training and seems to always know just what to do. I believe he could probably help anyone with just about anything..."   - Casey

"I'm more confident.  I sleep better and wake up rested.  I can focus.  I understand myself better.  My life is better." - Sandra

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