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"My fear controlled me.  I've got my life back now.  I am so free!"    - Courtney

Phobias & Anxiety

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Phobias, fears, and anxiety can be crippling.  They can keep us from reaching our potential, from living the lives we want.

I have personal experience in overcoming crippling fear through hypnosis.  I had a run-screaming-and-don't-look-back reaction to dentists based on earlier trauma around braces, headgear, and frankly, pain.

I was able to overcome this fear- fear that had kept me from seeing a dentist for 20 years!  The difference was literally one week of hypnotherapy.  I left the dentist office after sitting in the chair, trying to nerve up for the procedure, and moments later declaring "Nope.  Not today.  Get away from me, you medieval quack!"  while sweating and trembling.

The week after hypnotherapy I was in the dentist chair, receiving my first dental work in years and my mind was calm.  Frankly, I spent most of the visit in my mind fishing in Florida.  I have since had several dental procedures and all with the same result.


Hypnosis has helped clients overcome fear of flying, become confident public speakers, and enhance their sales. 


Imagine life without fear- what are your limits now and what COULD you achieve?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful, effective tool that many have found useful in reclaiming their lives.  

Talk to me about how to get your life back.

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