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"Robert is kind and caring.  He gets it.  He understands."    - Jane

About Robert Dedich

Hello and thank you for coming to New Direction Hypnosis!  I am Robert Dedich, certified Hypnotist and, like most of us, I have traveled a winding path before hearing my calling.  My journey has had bumps, lumps, and changes in course. I feel that I am finally heading in a New Direction that, along with my clients, can really impact the world as a force for good.

My education started with a BS in Business Management through University of Phoenix. I also graduated from one of the finest hypnotherapy schools in the nation.  My informal hypnosis experience began in 2011 with helping family and friends with relaxation, stress relief, motivation, and ego-boosting.  Later I received formal hypnotherapy training through a program called 5-PATH®, taught by Cal Banyan at the Banyan Hypnosis Center and Erika Flint out of Cascade Hypnosis Center which focuses on more than direct suggestion and teaches advanced techniques for insight-based relief through emotional healing of root causes.

I am a combat veteran who served as an Airborne Infantryman with the Army's honored 82nd Airborne Division.

I am a father of three young men.  I have been divorced, widowed, and am now committed to an amazing and supportive person.

I have battled a number of issues including alcohol addiction, weight control, loss of a parent, childhood emotional trauma, and PTSD.  I feel a special connection to the hurting, to the ones suffering silently, to the ones that KNOW it doesn't have to be like this but don't have a way out.  I want to see others succeed in reclaiming their lives just like I have.  I know the power of hypnosis and want to bring that out for the people that need healing.

I have been blessed to experience hypnosis in combating many of these issues and have first-hand knowledge of how effective a tool it can be in creating useful coping mechanisms as well as working through tough problems on a deeper level.  Moving forward beyond injuries both mental and physical continues to be my focus.  Bringing these powerful tools to bear in order to help others gain control of their lives is my passion.

I utilize hypnosis to help people dig out the root of the injuries that are holding them back.  I work with my clients to release them from limiting behaviors, habits, and thought cycles so new and positive patterns can be established.  We will work together- and it will be work!- to get better.

I love hypnosis because of the power it allows us to tap when addressing such life-changing events.  Hypnosis has helped me so dramatically and in such a dynamic, fundamental way that I've been studying hypnotherapy for years and am finally able to bring this amazing tool to help others.


I am a registered and Certified Hypnotist, an Accredited Certified Professional Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Washington State Department of Health.   I have received extensive training in advanced hypnosis techniques and am a certified 5 PATH Hypnotist as well as a certified 7 Path Instructor through Cascade Hypnosis Training Center..

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