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What is the Cost?

Consultations for 30 minutes to answer questions, get a read on the hypnotist, and go over what can and can't be done with hypnosis are free.

Individual Sessions where we create a plan according to what you want to accomplish, begin hypnosis, practice self-hypnosis, and participate in debriefing are $200 for a two-hour session.

Insurance does not usually cover hypnosis although you may often use a Flexible Spending Account offered through your employer. All payments must be received before sessions are finalized.  Refunds are available only if the appointment is cancelled prior to 2 business days.

Consider though: what are the costs to yourself, family, and friends of continuing with unresolved major life issues that impact continuing mental and physical health?  What is the worth of a happier, healthier life?  How would it feel to progress beyond the current crisis and become empowered?  What is the value of getting your life back and more- what is the value of finally moving forward?

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