• Robert Dedich

A 20 Year Sprain

Imagine spraining your ankle. Now imagine the next week it gets hurt again. And you keep injuring it. Over and over again. Week after week. For years. Never letting it heal, never giving it a chance to recover. And do this for 20 years. Seems pretty likely that you'd even develop a limp as your body tries to protect itself. What kind of impact would this have on your life?

This is very much like emotional or mental trauma. If we are repeatedly told we are not good enough or our self-talk is destructive or we experience physical or emotional abuse just piles injury on injury. It would be impossible to have a life not impacted by these things!

If only you could just have recovered from that initial experience. If only you could have come through that without the guilt, anger, or self-doubt. If only you could have healed from that initial injury. It's easy to see how our compensating behavior, destructive coping mechanisms, and erroneous beliefs are rooted earlier events.

This is the power of hypnosis . We can quickly address the feelings and meanings associated with that original trauma. We can re-frame those initial events in your mind so they are informational instead of painful. So we can move beyond them, use them to INform us rather than form us. And then we can begin to heal.

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