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Stage Hypnosis is Real

Stage hypnosis is fun and exciting. Watching people sing and dance as if they are the new Cher or be completely convinced they are stuck to the floor or forget the number "6" is vastly entertaining.

I always inform my clients that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and that there is nothing i can do to make someone act a certain way. So how does stage hypnosis work? Street hypnotists demonstrate every day that incredible and amazing stunts are possible just through being hypnotized.

Performance hypnosis works because the participants have a vested interest in making it work. The audience members that take the stage are carefully screened for those that actively want to participate and those that will follow instructions. Those selected have some reason to comply. They could want a bit of attention. They could want the freedom to cut loose a bit with plausible deniability. They could have a deep desire to please others. They could have a desire to earn the respect of those they came with or even the hypnotist. They could be afraid of disappointing others.

In every case each participant is actively choosing to be part of the show and that's ok! It's ok to have fun. It's ok to let loose a bit and maybe even be a little silly. There's nothing wrong with a desire for attention or the need to meet the expectations of others in moderation or especially for limited periods of time.

So enjoy the show. Play. Watch, or even get on stage. Have a good time and know that you are perfectly safe because hypnosis can only go as far as the performers allow it.

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