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"It wasn't a magic wand but it does work.  I'm proof!  I never thought I could stop smoking.  New Direction changed my mind."    - Kevin

What Can Hypnotherapy Do?

* Pain Management *  PTSD * Compulsive Behaviors Fears and AnxietySmoking CessationWeight Loss  *

Smoking Cessation

You never imagined the drawbacks to smoking when you had your first cigarette. You never saw the way times would change and how smokers are more and more the minority.  You never saw the sheer financial expense of smoking.  You never saw the disaster smoking makes of your health.  You certainly never saw, back when you first started, the look in the eyes of your loved ones as they plead with you to stop so you can be around just a little longer.  

Smoking has ruined the lives of several of my loved ones.  Smoking took their health and left them prisoners in their own bodies. I have a direct passion for helping smokers become non-smokers for life and hypnosis is the perfect tool to give you back to your loved ones.

Talk to me about how to get your life back.

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